polypasta - broste copenhagen - rustic jug with wooden kitchen tools

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To add a lot of natural details to your kitchen renderings you may need to add some used objects that has realistic surface imperfections.

These wooden kitchen tools already cooked a lot of tasty meals and fit perfect into this ceramic jug in reality as well.

What kitchen would you design to put those objects in? More with a scandinavian style? Or maybe mediterran style?

Do you just need the jug? No problem have a look here:

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Formats: Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d)

other: .fbx, .obj

Textures: Albedo, Normal, Displacement

Texture Size: 8K, 4K

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About us: We are a creative CGI studio based in Dortmund, Germany and we want to give our community some high quality products that we use as well for our own renderings on a daily basis. Mostly we use photogrammetry for our scans with a special lighting technique.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback to improove your 3D workflow or if you need anything specific.

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Albedo, Normal, Displacement
Texture Size
8K, 4K
Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d)
.fbx, .obj
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polypasta - broste copenhagen - rustic jug with wooden kitchen tools

0 ratings
I want this!