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It is awesome to have the ability to get the hands on handcrafted ceramic objects. Therefore you need to search a lot to get amazing elements that you really like and love to use in your own daily life as well.

We found the awesome ceramics around the world and on a local pottery market.
Our daily coffees and teas are beeing enjoyed with these awesome peaces of handcrafted ceramics.

Here we have the perfect ceramic collection for your next kitchen renderings.

This collection comes with 7 detailed objects and you can get it for only 49 € instead of 66 € and you will save 17 €!

The package contains:

  1. Birdmans Home - Coffee Cup
  2. Potter West - Cup powder
  3. Pottery West mug - sand
  4. WK Keramik - cup grey 01
  5. WK Keramik - cup rust 01
  6. WK Keramik - cup moon 01
  7. WK Keramik - cup blue green 01

If you like you can also get most these models as single 3D models.


  • Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d)
  • .fbx, .obj

Texture Size 8K

Feel free to contact us with any questions and feedback to improove your 3D workflow.

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About us: We are a creative CGI studio based in Dortmund, Germany and we want to give our community some high quality products that we use as well for our own renderings on a daily basis. Mostly we use photogrammetry for our scans with a special lighting technique.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback to improove your 3D workflow or if you need anything specific.

Make sure that we only sell digital products and NOT physical goods.

You may use these scans for your personal and commercial work producing visuals, but you are not allowed to share or resell any 3D files.

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Albedo, Normal, Displacement
Texture Size
Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d)
.fbx, .obj
1.11 GB
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polypasta - ceramic cup collection 01

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