[FREEBIE] polypasta - concrete parking 01 raw and clean

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Today we have great news!

We would love to share this free asset from our first concrete scan that we made to present the awesome neon signs from www.pointindex.de

Go and check them out here: https://pointindex.de/pages/neon-signs

You will get:

  1. Albedo Texture RAW (8192 x 7276 Pixel)
  2. Normal Texture RAW (8192 x 7276 Pixel)
  3. Albedo Texture CLEAN (8192 x 8192 Pixel)
  4. Normal Texture CLEAN (8192 x 8192 Pixel)

Freebies on gumroad can't be larger than 250 MB so the full resolution texture of the clean version is available for free with the pointindex neon signs.

Wo would love to see some credits when you use these textures in your projects.

Feel free to use it for your personal AND commercial projects.

But don't share it, resell it or give it to others. Please always send them the link to polypasta so that they can download it for FREE!

As always we want to have simple setups for our materials and textures.

Only two textures and some gradient nodes to control specular and roughness as you need it in your scene.

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About us: We are a creative CGI studio based in Dortmund, Germany and we want to give our community some high quality products that we use as well for our own renderings on a daily basis. Mostly we use photogrammetry for our scans with a special lighting technique.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback to improove your 3D workflow or if you need anything specific.

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0 (just a plane to have some geo in the scene)
Albedo, Normal (RAW and CLEAN)
Texture Size
Cinema 4D + Octane
only textures
0 (just a plane to have some geo in the scene)
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[FREEBIE] polypasta - concrete parking 01 raw and clean

4 ratings
I want this!