polypasta - Eames DSW Chair - vintage

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Here at polypasta, we are very proud to share a passion piece of a 3d-scan with you. In our experience there already exist endless perfectly modeled and „in brand new condition“ 3d-models of this famous Eames Side Chair. And thats perfectly fine.

So our passion for vintage furniture and our experience in 3d scanning brought this beautiful eames chair into the digital world. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 50ties and still in production by Vitra and Hermann Miller, it clearly stands the test of time. It includes a highpolyscan of the shell (original Navy Blue), highpolyscans of the wooden legs and modeled metal parts (textured in Substance Painter).

To give you the possibility for a bigger variation then only the original scanned colour "Navy Blue" we decided to give you 9 colours in total to me flexible for your renderings. These colours are based on the colours actually produced.

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: Cinema 4D + Octane, 3ds Max + FStorm
other: .fbx, .obj
Texture Size: 8K, 4K

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Shadertree for the metal parts

Shadertree for the shell

Shadertree for the legs

Thanks a lot to Diego for converting it to 3ds Max + Fstorm!

Take a look at his patreon for awesome scans every month: https://www.patreon.com/cerocuadrado

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Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d), 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)
.fbx, .obj
Albedo, Normal, Displace, Roughness
Texture Size
8K, 4K
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polypasta - Eames DSW Chair - vintage

0 ratings
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