polypasta - muubs - mame jug - ostron

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We are happy to share more 3D scans with you and have a nice set of jugs scanned.
This nice jug made by muubs is a great ceramic object to decorate kitchens, tabels or outdoor dinner situations.

Take a look at the other jugs that we scanned:

And as well at the wooden kitchen tools:

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Formats: Cinema 4D + Octane
other: .fbx, .obj
Texture Size: 8K

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About us: We are a creative CGI studio based in Dortmund, Germany and we want to give our community some high quality products that we use as well for our own renderings on a daily basis. Mostly we use photogrammetry for our scans with a special lighting technique.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback to improove your 3D workflow or if you need anything specific.

We also started to share previews of the shadertrees to give an idea about how we set up the materials for users with other render engines.

Make sure that we only sell digital products and NOT physical goods.

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Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d)
.fbx, .obj
Albedo, Normal, Displacement
Texture Size
128 MB
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polypasta - muubs - mame jug - ostron

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