polypasta - wooden kitchen tools set 01 - old

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Sometimes you need to show contrasts to new materials. So use these intensivly used wooden kitchen tools that cooked a lot of tasty meals already to place them in a new renovated kitchen or new kitchen design. This is what kitchens are made for: to be used for creating awesome taste experiences and evenings with food and wine.

You will get the set with the very basic ceramic holder.


Cinema4D + Octane (.c4d)

.fbx, .obj

Texture Size: 8K

Feel free to contact us with any questions and feedback to improove your 3D workflow.

We also started to share shader tree screenshots along the models for those who use other engines and need an inspiration how to set up the materials:

Be aware that these are ONLY digital assets and NOT physical goods.

Have a look at more then 100+ scans: www.polypasta.com

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Albedo, Normal, Displacement
Texture Size
Cinema 4D + Octane (.c4d)
.fbx, obj
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polypasta - wooden kitchen tools set 01 - old

0 ratings
I want this!